Supplier Diversity Program

To Our Prospective Business Partners:

At Life Technologies Corporation, valuing diversity is an integral element of our corporate culture and we are committed to ensuring that this culture of inclusiveness is embedded in all our business practices. One way we accomplish this is through actively working to build and maintain relationships with well qualified small, veteran, minority and women-owned businesses.

Over the years, Life Technologies Corporation has invested in the resources, policies and tools needed to make this vision a reality. We strongly encourage all firms, regardless of size or ownership, to share with us their ideas of how we can work and grow together.

By continually increasing the diversity of our world-class supply chain, Life Technologies Corporation benefits by obtaining the value of the innovative solutions and the fresh business perspective such firms have to offer. They in essence become our partners in maintaining our position as a leader in our industry and in creating value for our stockholders.

But value received is only part of the story. Just as important, by working to expand the field of opportunity, we help create the conditions that stimulate economic growth both across our country and in the communities where we, our customers and our employees live and do business. We know that when this happens, everyone becomes a winner.


Doing Business with Life Technologies Corporation

Life Technologies Corporation and its business units actively seeks to maximize business opportunities for small business concerns, including disadvantaged businesses, women-owned enterprises, veteran owned businesses, disabled veteran owned firms and Hubzone business enterprises. It is one of the goals of our program to reach out to these businesses and provide progressive and responsible suppliers an equitable fair and equal opportunity to compete for business.

Our Supplier Diversity Program provides the following services to our communities:

  1. Identifies suppliers of goods and services for possible use by Life Technologies Corporation and its business units.
  2. Counsels suppliers on how to do business with Life Technologies Corporation and its business units.
  3. Provides purchasing personnel with information regarding possible sources of supply in the form of directories and source lists.
  4. Acts as an intermediary between small businesses and Life Technologies Corporation and its business units to ensure that information is referred to the appropriate purchasing personnel.

Small businesses interested in working with Life Technologies Corporation and its business units should provide information about their companies using the application form that can be found on this site. For further information regarding procurement policies and procedures, please either contact Technologies Corporation via the contact link or refer to our brochure on How to Do Business with Technologies Corporation from our web-site.

Outreach Events Calendar

During the upcoming plan year, it is intended that Life Technologies Corporation and its business units will participate in events conferences and meetings of the types listed below. Participation in any particular event will be governed by the activities of our businesses and the actual events attended may differ from those listed below at Life Technologies Corporation discretion.

Registration Form

Please fill out the online form Life Technologies Corporation Small Business Application as instructed to be considered as a supplier to Life technologies Corporation and its business units.

Contact Us

Please contact us to inquire about business opportunities in any of the following ways:

Tele: 800 874 9868 ext 7378 Fax: 650 638 5143

Belle M Neumann
Sr. Mgr., Global Contracts
Acting Supplier Diversity Manager
Life Technologies Corporation
850 Lincoln Centre Dr.
Foster City, CA 94404



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